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Master Haitao's "Protect life"
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Video Introduction 

  Hai Tao Master, common name Huang, Taipei City, was born in Kaohsiung City in 47 years(AD 1958). In 1982, he graduated from the Department of Tourism of the Chinese Culture University.

In the spirit of the Buddha's "not seeking peace for himself, hoping that all beings will get away from suffering," and on the premise of protecting the country, teaching, and protecting all beings, Master Haitao actively devoted himself to the profitable cause of entering the WTO. For many years, he has run through various institutions, schools, prisons, detention centers, and overseas to implement his concept of "life education".
In order to spread the Dharma more widely, Master Haitao also promoted the establishment of the Buddha Education Center, the Chinese Printing Association, the Chinese Nursing Life Association, and the Life TV Station. In different levels and ways, they promoted the law in various ways. The public can enhance the atmosphere of peace in the world. To inject clean water into the society, purify the human mind, in order to repay the society and benefit all beings.

Master Haitao: The best way to eliminate business is to release life. The greatest evil in the world is to kill life. On the other hand, the greatest good in the world is to stop killing and releasing life. Therefore, releasing life is the greatest merit. It is both direct and fast. The power to change destiny is most obvious. Educating people not to kill life, animals are also a kind of life and all things are equal. People do not have the right to deprive animals of their lives.111.jpg

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