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The Twenty-second Session of the Fasting and Release Act was successfully held from 10 to 11 January 2015
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Huguolongwang Temple was successfully held on January 10-11, 2015 at the 22nd Baguanguan fasting and release law. The law will be held by the abbot of Huguolongwang Temple, the main law of the fruit under the wise master, and Gongde will return to the legal community. For a long time, peace in the world, and peace in the country.





On the morning of January 11th, the Master of Fruit Intelligence led the laymen to successfully hold the 62nd release of the law. He was willing to release the creatures as soon as possible to eliminate the Karma, leave the suffering, and achieve the highest Bodhi as soon as possible.





free captive animals
With this virtue, the noble Buddha,
To report the four-way, three-way,
If there is a witness, learn to send Bodhi's heart,
Do this for yourself and live in a happy country.


Caring for life and paying attention to the paradise to protect life(protecting the HuGuo Longwang Temple)

Love life,focusThe paradise to protect life(HuGuoLongWang Temple)