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The Fox returns to the mountain forest to hold successfully(picture text)
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Last year, several batches of foxes rescued by Gaoyou  paradise to protect life were previously unable to return directly to the mountains because most of the foxes were weak. Until today, they lived in the nursing garden and were maintained for about one year. They are now basically restored. The Fox is hot and cold, which is winter. Huguo Longwang Temple was released to the mountains on November 30, 2014. May the Buddhas be merciful and hold, and the foxes can grow up healthily, release the Fox body as soon as possible, and prove Bodhi.


free captive animals
With this virtue, the noble Buddha,
To report the four-way, three-way,
If there is a witness, learn to send Bodhi's heart,
Do this for yourself and live in a happy country.

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