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The kindness of the nursing students and the benefits of the grandson IV Sangong Fu report is amazing
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At the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a son named Yang Zhen. When he was young, he studied very hard and visited the group. At that time, many scholars praised Guanxifuzi as "Yang Zhen". Yang Zhen once lived in Hu County, and Lizhou County was recruited for decades. Everyone called it "Late Night," and Yang Zhen was more determined. Later, in front of the lecture hall, there were three squid flying off the mouth of the beak. They all said to Yang Zhen: "The snake is a symbol of the Qing doctor's clothing. The number of three represents three, and the gentleman will surely rise. When Yang Zhen was fifty years old, he began to serve in the county.
The general heard that Yang Zhen was a wise man and elected him as Mao Cai(Xiucai). After four promotions, he served as the provincial governor of Jingzhou and Donglai Prefecture. Yang Zhen went to Ren Donglai on the way. After Changyi, Changyi County was named Wangmi. It was originally Jingzhou Maocai, and Yangzhenjian raised him. That night, Wangmi went to give Yang Zhen ten pounds of gold. Yang Zhen said to Wangmi: "I understand you better. Why don't you understand me?"(The implication is that I don't know why I'm honest and I never take bribes)? "Wangmi said:" Now that it is dark, what happened here, no one will know! "Yang Zhen is angry:" Tian Zhi! God knows! I know! You know! Nobody knows! "When Wangmi heard this, he was not ashamed and had to retreat.
Later, Yang Zhen was transferred to the prefect of the county and was still very fair and honest. If it was not official, he would never accept private visits from others. Yangjiazisunping only eats vegetables on the day, walks most of the way out, and rarely rides horses. At that time, some of the old elders advised him to run the industry in order to make his family rich and benefit his children and grandchildren. Yang Zhen said: "Let the people of the world praise them as innocent officials and grandchildren. I leave this legacy to them. Is it not very generous? "
In the first year of Yongning, Yangzhendailiukai was Situ; In the second year of Yanguang, Yangzhendailiukai was a monk and was repeatedly promoted to the position of Sangong. Yang Zhen repeatedly exposed the evil deeds of the great eunuch Fanfeng. As a result, he was captured by Fanfeng. After he was dismissed, he was forced to drink poison and died. He was more than 70 years old. The Hongnong Prefecture upheld Fan Feng and others 'private intentions, dispatched officials to intercept Yangzhensang's car, exposed the coffin to the roadside, and punished Yang Zhen's sons for sending documents in the post. Wherever they went, the people went.
After Shundi ascended the throne, Fan Feng was executed, and Yangzhenzhongzheng was praised for his integrity inside and outside the court. He then appointed Yang Jia and his two sons as Lang, and gave a million dollars in money. He also buried Yang Zhen in Huaying County, and people from far and near competed. Come to the funeral. More than ten days before the burial, there were large birds that were more than ten feet high and gathered in front of Yang Zhen's coffin. The funeral was over, and the bird flew away. The county government reflected this situation to its superiors and built a stone bird in the Yang Zhen cemetery to commemorate it.
After this story, the editor of "Historical Sensory Discipline" told a story: When Yang Zhen's father Yang Bao was nine years old, he went to the foot of the mountain on the north side of Huayin Mountain and saw a yellow bird being pecked by an owl and fell under a big tree. Many ants surrounded the yellow bird bite. Yang Bao took the yellow bird home, placed it in a small box with a turban, and fed it with yellow flowers every day. After more than a hundred days of careful care, the yellow Finch recovered from the injury, and the feathers grew again and flew away freely. On the night when the yellow Finch flew away, Yangbaomeng met a Huangyitongzi and repeatedly bowed to Yang Bao. He said: "I was sent by the Queen Mother of the West. I am grateful to you for saving my life with love. I send you four Baiyuhuan, so that your children and grandchildren can be as white as the jade ring, and can be honored as the position of the three princes. "

The editor of "Historical Sensory Discipline" said with emotion: Yang Zhen's son Yangbing, Yangbingzhi Yangsi, and Yangsi's son Yang Lan, a total of four generations have received the position of "three public", and four jade rings represent four generations. This is exactly the number that Yangbaomeng sensed. Yang Bao, because of his kindness, has enabled generations of children and grandchildren to develop their prosperity. How rich is Tian Dao's reward for good people! However, he also relied on Yangzhenneng to guard himself with "four knowledge" and vowed to pass on his children with innocent behavior to complete his merits. Those who truly love their children and grandchildren in the world must teach them not to kill when they are young, and cultivate a kind heart; When the children and grandchildren grow up, they teach them not to covet extra property, so that they all have innocent conduct. This is the so-called moral transmission of children and grandchildren is not only tens of millions of times better than the retention of property, but also better than the retention of knowledge and knowledge!

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