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What is the difference between a traditional release and a fasting release?
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Wen/Minghua layman
Most of us Buddhists like to let go for compassionate reasons. In recent years, there have been many activities in various parts of the country, but some people do not know how to let go, such as placing their lives in unsuitable places and destroying the local ecological environment. For example, the release of snakes and other animals near public events caused public panic, etc., causing the public to resent Buddhists. Therefore, the government began to regulate release activities from the end of last year.
Since the end of the previous year, we have been advocating for the release of fasting, a new form of release. By inviting others to become vegetarians, we reduce the need for meat, which is equivalent to indirect release. Moreover, after a year and a half of groping, we proposed this year the concept of fasting as practice by solving problems that arise in the fasting, such as the fact that some people eat for free because they do not need to spend money to promote their greed. The basic rules of eating fast are strictly enforced in the fasting, and the family members who come to eat eat eat fast in a clean and clean way.
In the current period, both the traditional and the fasting students have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they can not be replaced with each other.
Traditional release, we directly help the life to be killed, and by giving these life read three conversion, etc., to sow the seeds of the Buddha to these lives, they turn back to the next life, most of them can be human, no longer by the animal Road suffering. Moreover, when the cause is full, they naturally practice until they become Buddhas. The traditional release of merit is incredible, and the traditional release of life is based on a classic basis. The "Brahma Bodhisattva Sutra Sutra" mentions that "If the Buddha is released with compassion, all men are my father. All women are my mother, and I live from it. It is because all six sentient beings are my parents, and killing and eaters kill my parents and kill me. All the waters of the earth are before me, and all the winds of fire are my own body; therefore they are always released, living and living. If the world sees the killing of animals, it should be convenient to rescue their suffering, and often teach to say that the Bodhisattva Ring saves all beings. "
The current problem of traditional release is not insurmountable, so the government regulates release activities. We support it. If we are not familiar with the local release species and release sites, we can also consult government departments, such as releasing life in raw water. We can consult the fishing administration department, release birds, etc.. We can consult the agriculture and forestry departments. Now, due to overfishing, we are released properly, or ecological protection is promoted. There is a problem of being re-fished after release. We can also prepare enough in advance to avoid it, such as observing the underwater conditions of the release site, the release of a larger scale of conditions, and the ability to charter ships to the center of the river or river. But we have to know that all things have their own fate, and although they are still caught after our efforts, that is their Karma, but at least we have made three conversions for them, And planted them with the seeds of a Buddha.
All men are my father and all women are my mother, so we should go to the rescue of all beings like mothers, and the release of life from fasting can not be a substitute for the traditional release behavior. Some people now invite people to become vegetarians in order to promote promotion and avoid killing. To guide people not to do the traditional release, and even some people denigrate the release of life, these ideas are contrary to the classical teachings and are not desirable. In terms of avoiding killing, the release of fasting is only a stop to killing. In Buddhism, stopping killing is only a stop to evil. Compared to traditional release, this is still a negative good deed. The traditional release is an extension of killing. It is a positive good deed and is an act of Mahayana Buddhism. Therefore, many high monks have always actively advocated release. The master of Lianchi at the end of the Ming Dynasty was the most active monk who advocated release.
Now, we provide fasting for the living. In addition to advocating respect for life and refusing to kill, we also propose that eating fasting is practice. In fact, there are also records in the classics. We provide fasting to everyone and we can spread the good fortune. According to Buddhism, if we feed the deceased friends and relatives, we can avoid the passing of the deceased into the three evils. It is incredible to serve Zhai Gongde. We provide the simplest vegetarian dish(four dishes and one soup, the taste standard is able to eat, if the taste of a dish is too good, everyone likes it, in order to avoid continued confusion in the feed, we will not serve this dish in the future), Let everyone be pure of desire, will not encourage the greed of the mouth, and when eating strict requirements can not speak, so that everyone is clean and clean, through eating fasting to practice, the reason why we do this is also to avoid free vegetarian food because of free fasting, free of charge. To encourage the greed of eating people, if it encourages everyone's greed, the free supply of fasting, although it has merit, has also existed, so let everyone practice through eating fasting, which is the best way to solve the problem. Therefore, in our vegetarian restaurant, there are many volunteers or employees. Although they are very old, white hair can still turn black. This is incredible. Of course, there are many incredible things.
Therefore, the traditional release and the release of fasting students have their own advantages and disadvantages and can not be replaced with each other.
Nameless Amitabha!

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