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After the Buddha was released, I really woke up.
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My name is Yao. I am forty-two this year. I worked in Liuzhou City around 1988, when I met my wife. Now she comes to me from other places every Sunday. At that time, he was young and not sensible. He heard that Huangshanxie was very complementary and often bought yellow eel to eat porridge. In order to make the eel bleed out, I cut off the tail of the eel, as the local old man taught me, and then put it in the rice pot, allowing the eel to bleed while turning in the pot. When the eels bleed almost to the end, they use slow fire to boil porridge. Each time, the porridge is cruelly boiled and several eels are alive! This cruel method of porridge has lasted for nearly a year!
The retribution of the present world has come! In 1998, I got the most difficult "anal leakage" of hemorrhoids, that is, another leakage pipe in the anus door, and a hemorrhoid leak that does not always heal. So almost every three or five days, hemorrhoids leak blood, always bleeding, almost every day in the sores Leach some blood, the use of many methods of treatment is not good, although not seriously affect the work, but every few days the attack is uncomfortable. And it is a very troublesome and painful thing to immerse blood almost every day. My wife advised me to have it removed several times, but it was strange that I could not muster the courage to do it(although the doctor also advised me to do it during the hospital examination) until two or five years after seven years. I had just had an operation to remove it(I had studied Buddha for more than three years).
But I did not associate this disease with the cruelty of cutting off the tail of the yellow eel and letting it bleed and die when I was young. After reading the article "Fighting the bird for three years and hurting for eighteen years" in the "Karma Judgment", I really realized. So this is the retribution of the world! I cut those eels 'tails and bleed, and my ass bleeds! I let the poor eel's tail bleed all the time, and I bled for seven years! I cut the yellow eels for nearly a year, and the hemorrhoids bled for more than seven years. Now I remember that when I operated to remove the leakage pipe of the hemorrhoid, the doctor showed me the thick leakage pipe of the small finger. Isn't that like the eels 'tails I cut off?
Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to come into contact with the Dharma and began to really learn the Buddha. Now I think carefully, if I did not learn the Buddha, I would have read the Buddha, read the Bible, chant the curse, release the merits, my hemorrhoid disease may not be good now!

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