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Free life is the best guarantee for our lives.
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Today, people are looking for ways to protect themselves, especially in a time of turmoil, when they are always at risk of natural and man-made disasters, such as air crashes, car accidents, infectious diseases, water and fire disasters, violent attacks, wars, especially those living in big cities. I don't even feel safe going out at night. How to make life secure? It is to do more release, the more the merit of the release, the more tired, the more will make themselves in the protection of the good law bright, natural away from the disaster disaster, "Pharmacist Liuluguang would like the merit of the Bible" said: "The release of health repair ... make the degree bitter, not difficult. "So release is the best guarantee of our life.
There is such an official case in the Buddhist scriptures:
There was a heavenly man who was born in a donor's home. When he grew up, he wanted to become a monk, but his parents did not agree. The child thought to himself: The person is so precious that if he can not become a monk, what is the meaning of this person? So he tried to commit suicide, but when he jumped into the river, the river turned back. He jumped off a cliff without a scratch. At that time, the king's law was very strict. He deliberately became a robber and wanted to suffer the death penalty. However, when the execution was carried out, all the bows and arrows were automatically returned. The king was surprised and apologized to him. Later, with the help of the king, his family finally allowed him to become a monk and prove Arohango.
What good work has this man made in his former life, and his life is so strong?
The Buddha said: "He saved a person who was about to be killed before. With this reason, he was fearless in his heart in the 500 years. The external fire and fire can not harm him, and he has obtained the Arhats position. "
Therefore, release is fearless giving, can let all beings away from fear, but also can make themselves fearless fruit, if we have weak, fear of the mind, often live to release, you can gradually become stable, calm.
Free life can promote social stability and world peace
The fundamental cause of social unrest and the outbreak of war lies in the wrongs caused by all living beings from the beginning. We must achieve true peace and tranquility and stay away from war and violence. The fundamental solution is to promote people to stop killing and release and establish a concept of respect for life.
The direct result of release is to reduce the number of sentient beings who have been slaughtered and reduce the root causes of future turmoil; The indirect result of releasing life is to increase people's blessings, increase the power of goodness, and reduce the chance of maturity in the past. Master Yin Guang opened in the "Ten Great Merits for Release" and said: "All those who want to go home to Qingtai, physical and mental health, peace in the world, and peace in the world, please stop killing and release students. Ask for it. Therefore, as a Mahayana Buddha, we should start from ourselves, bring the compassion of the release home, bring it to work, and influence a family, a unit, a region, a country, and even the entire world. To arouse people to cherish the good heart of life and promote social stability and world peace.
Free life is a wonderful way to prolong life.
In the "Miscellaneous Tripitaka," it is recorded that there was a monk in the past and he was an elder. When the elders observed that the monk still had seven days to live, they let him go home to see his mother. When he said goodbye, he told him to come back on the eighth day, meaning that he would be killed at home. I did not expect the monk to return on the eighth day. The master felt very strange. He entered the observation and originally saw a group of ants trapped in the water on the way home. He made a small bridge to lead the ants to the place where there was no water. With this ability to rescue ants, life expectancy has been extended.

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