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Macro Master: Stop killing and release, love all sentient beings
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We now improve our lives, some people on the table every day, no fish, also known as, no meat do not enjoy. Su Dongpo said that the knife fish fish, thought that the meal, the food is very beautiful, the dead are very bitter. Animals and people, like the nature of Buddhism, are just Karma, depraved to the three evils, and we are all equal, we should with this compassion, equal heart to love it. Now we not only do not love and pity them, but eat raw meat, now the sentient beings, think of really very cruel, but also have to eat live, gentleman far Cook, smell its sound and do not tolerate its meat. So we Buddhist laymen, we Dharma is based on compassion, we should try to go vegetarian. Even if you have just learned Buddha, you can't eat vegetarian food for the time being. If we really can't control this delicious habit, you can buy three pure meat, that is, after eight hours of life and death, his knowledge has been far away, no pain. This is no way. Everyone should not regard Master as an open cover. I will eat all beings after eight hours. I can not do this. So eight hours later, he was free from pain, and we read the Buddha to him, read the curse of life, and advised him to die. Because you are temporarily heavy, can not change, there is no way, it will make you give birth to this compassion, cultivate compassion, do not have grievances with all beings. As Lu Dongbin said, if you save him when he died, if you die when he saves you, he will have no children, and he will not kill and release. We must cultivate our compassion, must love all sentient beings.

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