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How to be a good man wisely?
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Da Zhen Kampo opened the first college student experience camp in 2015

Q: As the saying goes, "Good people are deceived and Mashan is ridden." In society, good people are often hurt and used. How can we be wise to be good people? What is true goodness?

A: Neither good deeds nor good deeds can be devoid of wisdom. If you lack wisdom, that is the way, it will not be complete, and in the end will bring some bad results to yourself. Doing good deeds and good deeds also depends on the situation, the timing and the ability of the person. These factors must be taken into account. They are not done arbitrarily. In the environment, we must see if we should do it; In terms of timing, whether the analysis has arrived and whether it is mature; On their own terms, see if they have such ability. If there is no such ability and conditions, it is also very persistent and reluctant to do it, which is not good.
In general, there can be no shortage of wisdom. Giving, holding, Anren, refinement, and meditation must all have general acceptance. Prajna means wisdom. If there is no wisdom, it is not "Paramita", it is not the cause of liberation, it is not the cause of Buddha. What is liberation? To be free is to be free from trouble and pain. What is a Buddha? The Buddha is full of Ford and wisdom. Must have the wisdom to hold, is the Paramita, is the true pure good, is really the cause of liberation into the Buddha. If you lack wisdom, it can not be the cause of your prosperity, it can not be the cause of your wisdom.
No matter what you do, you can not do it blindly or at will. He has a certain ability to observe and have a certain ability to choose. Because of this, we must now learn Buddha, grow wisdom, learn how to do good things, how to help others, how to pay, and so on. The core of our Mahayana Dharma is the Six Paramita, which is what we are talking about. For example, there are certain requirements and methods for holding a ring, how to hold a ring, and what kind of precepts should be held. We must do it wisely.

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