There are 100 cowse, 233 sheep, 17 sika deer, 2 foxes, 251 chickens, 597 dogs, 5 pigs, 1 horse, 5 donkeys, 1210 rabbits, 98 pigeons, 49 geese, cats 152 or so, 72 ducks, 88 crocodile turtles, Protecting the aquatic life of the river millions: loach, yellow eel, turtle, turtle, longfish, black fish, carp, stinger, catfish, herring, screw, lobster and so on. Another cow shed, sheep shed, deer shed, Fox residence, epidemic prevention measures, spending 300,000 yuan per month
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    【One Doller-Ration Action】
    Because the eyes of cattle and cows arouse the compassion in our hearts.
    Because of compassion, our hearts are full of love for all living beings.
    Because of love, let's carry out the action of protect life to the end.
    Someone once asked, why do you need protect life?
    When we put a dollar into the tank every day, at that moment our hearts were in the same place And our day is spent in such mercy. Day by day. In the middle, we constantly practice our own compassion, bodhicitta. We 'll use this. Move to remind yourself to love all beings, from the province's own shortcomings, to cultivate To cultivate your own love.
  • 【more】    
    护生园缘起      【The Orgin Of Paradise】
            Adhering to the Buddha's philosophy of "great compassion without predestination" and "equality and compassion for all living beings", the paradise to protect life advocates the rescue of all living beings.We hope that through the activities of saving lives, participants will not only accumulate the infinite benefits of saving lives, but also awaken the conscience of respecting life, cherishing life, and cultivating the broad mind of "integrating the world with all things, mercy and great love".
            The Buddha clearly teaches us to treat all beings with compassion and equality. While cherishing one's own life, one should cherish all sentient beings. In view of the fact that some animals are not suitable for release in the wild or to avoid the risk of being killed again. Animals such as cattle, horses and sheep, chickens and ducks will be adopted in the paradise.
            In addition, the paradise will specially set aside plates to adopt small animals abandoned by the public and provide assistance to animals in need of treatment. The paradise are sanatoriums for all animals, so that animals can live in them and avoid being slaughtered. And after the animals die, their remains will be buried in the Paradise Zone of the Nursing Park. I hope they can go to the Paradise Pure Land of the West.
            We hope that the paradise will be like a beacon in the end of the Fa Dynasty, lighting up the fire of hope and illuminating every corner of the world's heart. Amitabha!
         The paradise to protect life members Join together