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         【One Dollers-Rations Action】
    For the eyes of a cow arouse the compassion of every one of us.
    Because of compassion, our hearts are full of love for all beings.
    Because of love, let's carry out the actions of protect life to the end.
    Someone once asked, why do you need protecting life?
    When we put a dollar into the jar every day, at that moment our hearts were so compassionate, and our day was so compassionate. In this day and day, we keep practicing our compassion, bodhicitta. We use this action to remind ourselves to love all beings, from the province's own shortcomings, to cultivate their own love.
    After many people saw a photo of the No. 1 cow on the Internet, the message all said that they would never eat cows again.
    Number 1 cattle melancholy, the tearful eyes hazy look so that our already numb heart deeply shook.
    Therefore, it also increases our confidence in action. We may have only a limited number of cows and cattle to save, but people will change themselves from now on, and the seeds of Bodhi will be planted in their hearts. And they will affect some people more or less! We use love to build life garden, because the life of all beings in the world is precious! In the past, we may not have realized that the phrase "missed the great mercy, the whole body is sad."
            But when we move through rations and accumulate our compassion every day, our hearts will be extremely clear.
            At the same time, a dollar a day will not have any impact on life, easy to adhere to! Unconsciously, he accumulated his own resources for practice. With a small amount of money, the merits contained in it are incredible!
            Specific elements of rations operations:
            1.For $1 per day($1 per family/person) into a can/bag(small cans or bags not used at home, plastic bags can also be used)
            2.After accumulating a certain amount, you can send money to the account of the paradise.
    The paradise to protect life Secure Account:
    Name of bank account: Gaoyou City Sancha Town Huguo Longwang Temple
    Construction Bank:32050174634200000076(China Construction Bank Gaoyou City Sanjiao Branch Office)
    Industrial and Commercial Bank:1108901119000379460(Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Gaoyou Branch)

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           Friends! If you have any donations, please leave a message with us, indicating the number and specific purpose, because this is conducive to the public accounts of our paradise, easy to manage.
           May all the virtues of the law return: Sponsoring, Circulating, Seeing, Fundraisers,And all learned to return to all sentient beings in the world of the law and the virtual world. According to the Buddha's Bodhisattva power and the power of the law, the general will eliminate all obstacles to crime, Fuhui has enough, and often has peace and happiness.If you want to do evil, you can't know. The good industries that have been built have all been achieved quickly.Close all evil doors and show people the path of Nirvana. Home Qing Ji, physical and mental well-being, the first death of ancestors, the history of grievances, all the Buddha mercy, won this wonderful heart. Bing Ge Yongsheng, courtesy and prosperity, the people are happy, the world is peaceful. The four grace reports, the three have the same capital, in this world, the afterlife is separated from all the outer ways of heaven and earth, and the world is forever away from the evil way. From all suffering, we can meet Buddha Bodhisattva, Zhengfa, and pure and good knowledge. At the end of the day, there was no obstacle to the birth of the Buddha Pure Land, and the Buddha's fruit was complete.