The Origin Of Paradise
    The Origin Of Paradise      【The Origin Of Paradise】
            In keeping with the Buddha's concept of "being merciful, being sad in the same body" and "being equal to all beings, being compassionate to each other", the paradise to protect life the rescue of all sentient beings. We hope that through the activities of protecting life and saving life, the participants will not only accumulate the infinite prosperity of saving life, but also awaken the world's respect for life, protect the conscience of life, cultivate the world and all things, and love compassion.
            The Buddha taught us very clearly to treat all beings with compassion and equality. In the love of their own life while all sentient beings must be heart love love. Considering that some animals are not suitable for release in the wild, or in order to avoid the risk of them being killed again. Paradise will adopt such animals as cattle, horses, chickens, ducks and so on.
            In addition, the paradise will leave the plate to adopt small animals abandoned by the people and provide assistance to animals that need treatment. For all animals, the life nursing home is a shelter for life, allowing animals to live in it and avoid the fate of being slaughtered. And after the animals die, their remains will be buried in the paradise of the nursing garden. May they be born in the paradise of the West.
            We hope that the paradise will be like a light in the end of the French period. It will ignite the fire of hope and illuminate every corner of the world's heart. Amitabha!
          Members of the Paradise Combine ten!
         【Why save the cattle?】
           Whether it is Buffalo, cattle, dairy cattle, they have made a lot of contributions to humans. From the day they were born, cattle became tools for human use. We cultivated and transported them. We drank their milk. We ate their meat. We wore their fur. We often compare hard working old cattle to our friends. We often use the hard work of cattle to educate our children. This former friend has unwittingly become our meal and become a link in the economic and social value chain. In order for our former friends to be killed without fear, we launched a campaign to protect cows and cattle.
            People always ask, how much can you save if so many cows are killed? How much can you raise? Yes, we do save a limited number of cows and other small animals. However, there will eventually be some people after seeing these animals to change themselves, some will immediately say no more cattle and cattle, some people's hearts will have concerns, that we have already numb heart will have some melting it! And these people will change more people, and the influence of generations will change from generation to generation. We believe that one day, the world will be as good as she was.
the paradise to protect life - idea
         【the paradise to protect life - idea】
            As long as you agree with the concept and values of the Life Care Park, any person, regardless of gender, education, occupation, race, belief and political background, region and nationality, will have the opportunity to participate in the rescue of animals. From cattle and sheep to stray dogs and stray cats will be our help.
            If you like our ideas, please join our station.
            Think of the small animals in the paradise as your friends. Whether it is good or bad, remember to come back often.
            See if there's any increase in cattle,
            See if Xiaobai's getting any older.
            See if number one is still sad.
             See if the homes of cattle and sheep have been built.
            Yeah, you're welcome to come home anytime. Please remember that behind the paradise is a compassionate mage and his disciples and a group of good laymen to make a joint wish. Perhaps we save only a limited number of animals, but we believe that the seeds of compassion will fill our hearts.
Building Paradise
         【Building Paradise】
           Because the eyes of cattle, aroused the compassion of each of us. Because of compassion, our hearts are full of love for all beings.
    Because of love, let's carry out the actions of protect life to the end.
    Someone once asked, why do you need protect life?
           People who hear about this concept for the first time will have this question. The answer is simple! When we put a dollar into the jar every day, at that moment our hearts were so compassionate, and our day was so compassionate. In this day and day, we keep practicing our compassion, bodhicitta.
           We use this action to remind ourselves to love all beings, from the province's own shortcomings, to cultivate their own love.
           A child who had gone to see cattle said after returning home: "The cows are very poor, the sheep are very poor, and my father and mother will never eat them again. After listening to this, our brothers were extremely moved. The kindness of the children made many of us adults ashamed. At the same time, we are all very happy. The seeds of Bodhi planted in him. After many people saw a photo of a cow on the Internet, the message said that they would never eat cows again. Number 1 cattle melancholy, the tearful eyes hazy look so that our already numb heart deeply shook. Therefore, it also increases our confidence in action. We may have only a limited number of cows and cattle to save, but people will change themselves from now on, and the seeds of Bodhi will be planted in their hearts. And they will affect some people more or less! We use love to build life garden, because the life of all beings in the world is precious! In the past, we may not have realized that the phrase "missed the great mercy, the whole body is sad." But when we move through rations and accumulate our compassion every day, our hearts will be extremely clear.
           At the same time, a dollar a day will not have any impact on life, easy to adhere to! Unconsciously, he accumulated his own resources for practice. With a small amount of money, the merits contained in it are incredible!